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A Camping Story | Our Southern Colorado Trip Part 4

Part 4 is here – better late than never! The last leg of our trip was to a place in the middle of nowhere called Bogan Flats Campground. It’s right along the Crystal River and our site

A Camping Story | Our Southern Colorado Trip Part 3

I didn’t forget about part 3 of our awesome camping trip — don’t worry! After Durango, we took the incredibly beautiful drive along Million Dollar Highway. Our drive consisted of 3

A Camping Story | Our Southern Colorado Camping Trip Part 2

Part 2 of our camping trip, as promised! We drove to Durango the next day and stayed at a campground called Junction Creek Campground. This campground was so beautiful, never mind the crazy bumpy

A Camping Story | Our Southern Colorado Trip Part 1

Hi friends! If you know our family, you know we’re a tad obsessed with camping. This is our second season with Dolores, our camper, and we knew we wanted to take at least one long trip with her

A Thousand Words | A Halloween Story

Lady Liberty and Kevin the Minion Go Trick-or-Treating!  

A Gratitude Story | Mar’s Gratitude Project

Everyone wants to know what the key to happiness is or how we live the best lives possible. I’ve been on this Earth long enough to know that I’ll never know the complete answer to that

How to Slow Down Time

Tomorrow I will have a 10 year old. TEN. Double digits, people. I woke up this morning with this crazy feeling that today is her last day of being 9. Tomorrow she will have been on this spinning,

A Thousand Words | Day in the Life with Nana & Papa

Ours kids are pretty lucky — they have some awesome grandparents (on both sides) and they get to live fairly close to two sets of grandparents (read: spoiled rotten). My mom and dad are only

a thousand words | planes and pjs

Being a parent is hard. We all know it, we all have tough days, and we all realize (well, most of the time) that this is real life. Sometimes I need a reminder to slow down and enjoy today for what

a thousand words | documentary storytelling

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how and when this passion for documentary storytelling began. I have always loved photos – not necessarily photography, but photos for sure. Some of my favorite

a thousand words |day in the life: operation christmas child

a few weeks ago, my good friend posted a blog about giving back. i had been thinking about getting my ducks in a row so we could make shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child this year and her blog

humbled and grateful | day in the life photography

i am so humbled and excited to share this artists to know interview with you! the incredible mandy fitzgerald is a ridiculously talented painter and furniture artist in virginia. she has this super

a thousand words | caramel apples

fall is always bittersweet for me. i realize that may seem crazy because so many people love fall. i am fortunate enough to live in colorado – a gorgeous place that experiences every season to

a thousand words | best friends

when your very best friend’s kids and your kids are truly best friends too…

a thousand words: the first day of school

today was the first day of school for our crazies… emj started 4th grade and luke started kindergarten. luke was so excited that he was up and dressed before i even got out of bed! it’s

a thousand words: costco

i talk about loving to capture the everyday moments, the actual “day in the life” of the real everyday stuff. so, i brought my camera on a trip to Costco because this is something we do

a thousand words: camping

camping is probably our very favorite thing to do together as a family. everyone loves it and everyone gets super excited when we are planning the next trip. as a kid, we went camping all the time.

a thousand words: sick day bath time

being sick is the lamest… and sometimes a bath in mom and dad’s big tub helps you feel just a little bit better. i am happy to say that this was a few days ago and this guy is feeling

a thousand words

at the beginning of january we had the chance to escape for the weekend. we didn’t go far from home, really, but it was far enough away to unplug, relax, enjoy just being together, and marvel

a thousand words: a weekend

this past weekend i decided to challenge myself – the challenge was to keep my camera readily available and to capture our weekend. there was nothing special going on, no specific reason to

a thousand words: adventures in sledding

christmas break has come and gone and i’m sitting here thinking about the time we got to spend together as a family. we had so much fun just hanging out, playing games, laughing together,

a thousand words: the day there was a zebra in our backyard

this seriously happened the other day. right behind our house, in what our kids consider part of our backyard. so random and SO awesome!

a thousand words: cookies

a little cookie making (and eating!) on a cold, snowy day.

a thousand words: a day in the life of luke as a 5 year old

jumping on the bed, painting (with extreme tongue-out-concentration), playing the piano, and riding bikes. this is the life.

a thousand words: a day in the life of EmJ as an 8 year old

reading in bed, drawing, laughing in the rain, playtime, doughnuts, and fun at the lake.