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a thousand words: atticus

the newest addition to our family… meet atticus. we are smitten.

a thousand words

springtime… creativity, sunshine, laughter.

a thousand words

eyelashes, freckles, sweetness.

happy 2014

…from my family to yours!


i love easter. there really aren’t words to describe all that easter is… but it’s like sunshine for the soul. it’s a reminder of how much God loves us… and it

east coast fabulousness

in september my fabulous husband and i got to go to boston and rhode island. to say it was incredible doesn’t even begin to describe it… what a fun afternoon i just had re-living that


our sweet luke-a-roo turned three in august. three! i can’t believe he’s 3, and i also can’t believe he’s only been here for 3 years. kids make time seem funny that way. luke

fresh air

this family is a breath of fresh air… they are sweet, generous, loving people. if you know them, you know what i’m talking about. if you don’t know them… you should. 🙂 love


my very own sweet girl had a birthday (already?!) and is now six. i could go on and on about how fast time flies and all that jazz… but instead i’ll just say that we are so blessed with


our little man, our luke-a-roo, daddy’s little buddy, emj’s lukie, my “bubbas” is two. well, truth be told, he’s almost two and a half and i’m just now posting his

thank you

this fabulous family has graced the blog before and now they’re back! this is my best friend, kimmi, and her awesome family. i love these people like they were my own. i love ireland, chloe,


yes, i realize it’s technically fall now… but i just love summer. swimming, cookouts, fireworks, long days, afternoon thunderstorms, ice cream, warm evenings… and friends. summer


my best gal, my little partner, my “goob”… is five. words don’t come easily right now… as there really aren’t words to express how you feel about your child. she

it’s the little things

life really is all about the little things, isn’t it?   it’s about elmo slippers   and milk moustaches   mirror fun and mohawks and binks and blue eyes   it’s about beautiful