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What we want people to remember about us (and what we want to remember about the people we love the most) is our stories. The stories of our families are all about the connection we have with one another and the love we share. A family photo of everyone dressed to match and all smiling at the camera is a wonderful keepsake and it reminds us of a moment in time. However, it doesn’t tell a story. The photos I create of your family are photos that tell your story. Each member of your family will be able to look at these photos in the years to come and remember more than just a snap of a moment. They will remember the laughter, the silliness, the connection, the crazy, the beautiful, the mess, and the love.

northern Colorado PHOTOGRAPHER

It felt both profoundly magical and beautifully ordinary.

~Kristin Hannah

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Your story matters. And telling it now will allow you to keep the stories of these precious, wild, long-yet-lovely days at your fingertips.



I tell stories through photos. I dance in the car, I laugh big, and I love fiercely.


Northern Colorado storytelling photographer.