A Road Trip Story

Road trips. To some, they’re terrible, to some they’re part of the adventure and fun, and to some, well, they just get you from point A to point B. Our family road trips a lot. Most of the time, it’s because we are camping, so we’re pulling our camper along. This road trip was different – we were going to visit family in Arizona and decided to drive instead of fly. Partially because we like to road trip, but partially because 4 plane tickets aren’t cheap.

So, I decided to give myself a fun little challenge. I was going to document this 14 hour road trip. I wanted to see how creative I could get, see what I would notice, and just kind of grab some memories about this time. Road trips can be tough, but honestly, I’m going to say that we do them well. Our secrets for road trips that are fun and have minimal whining:

  • Snacks — lots and lots of snacks (including random stuff we don’t normally have at home, sunflower seeds in all the flavors, and fruit)
  • Drinks that we love, but don’t always have — pop, Gatorade – the good stuff
  • Options for getting to pick out something at a gas station stop
  • Books and stuff to draw on for the kids
  • Music – this is the way we pass the time and jamming out to all kinds of different music makes for a fun and entertaining trip
  • Patience

Overall, we really did have a fun time on the road trip piece of this adventure! Here’s how my little “project” turned out:

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