about me

Word. Yo. Hey, hi, how-are-ya?

I’m Maren (pronounced like Marvin without the “v”) — and I’m the girl who will be coming to take some fabulous pictures for you! Woop!

In the simplest of words, I love photography because I love people. Yup. I think you’re pretty great already and I can’t wait til we’re friends!


maren miller photographyPINmaren miller photographyPIN

A little about me:

I love Jesus. I love my fabulous husband, Jeff, & our 2 incredible kids,EmJ & Luke. I love photography. I love my friends & family. I love our crazy dog, Atticus, and our wacky cat, Maverick. I love reading. I love coffee. I love Colorado and the fact that I get to call it home.  I love the color orange. I love camping. I love dancing in the car. I love the sound of baby giggles. I love water-skiing. I love the KU Jayhawks. I love flip-flops & boots. I love chips. I love the mountains. I love summer. I love shooting stars. I love… life!

maren miller photographyPIN


Photo credits: Brianne Haagenson, Andrea Rosenbohm, & Corrie Kraft