A Gratitude Story | Mar’s Gratitude Project

Everyone wants to know what the key to happiness is or how we live the best lives possible. I’ve been on this Earth long enough to know that I’ll never know the complete answer to that question. But I can tell you this, gratitude makes everything brighter.

I’m a color girl. I have bright orange glasses and more crazy, colorful leggings than I care to admit. Making life brighter is in my nature. I want to make life brighter for my husband and kids, for my friends and family, for strangers, and for myself. I’ve been on a mission of sorts to figure how to do exactly this. I’ve come across so many incredible ideas and thoughts on this and they all seem to boil down to gratitude.

Choosing to be grateful, choosing to find the joys in the everyday, choosing to see the gifts we are given on a regular basis… even if they seem small or trite. Especially when they seem small or trite.

I decided I was going to start a gratitude project for myself. To help me to find the joys in the small things and live a life of gratitude so I could make the world a little brighter. At first, this was just for me… I wasn’t necessarily planning on sharing it, but I decided that if I can help just one person be reminded that there is good in the world, it was worth it to share. I’m calling it “A Gratitude Story | Mar’s Gratitude Project.” Only those who know me well call me Mar, and this is such a personal project I’m sharing, I felt like that was appropriate. My heart also talks through photographs, so for me, my gratitude project is done through photos. Each photo tells the story of something I am grateful for – some stories will be clearly evident (Frosted Sugar Cookie Creamer, you are the best seasonal item ever!), while others have so much more of a story behind them. Some photos are taken with my camera, while others are taken with my phone. This is about choosing to see the good and being thankful for it every single day.

What it comes down to is that (in the words of my favorite author of all time, Brene Brown) “we are wired for story.” And this story is one I want to live day in and day out. A gratitude story.

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