how do i know if this is the type of session for me?

If you value the connection between each member of your family, this is the session for you.

If you don’t want to argue with the kids about what they are going to wear, this is the session for you.

If you want to be relaxed and not forced to stand in very specific poses, this is the session for you.

If you like to have fun and play as a family, this is the session for you.

If you want to capture a special time in your life (like married life before kids), this is the session for you.

If you often find yourself missing from all the fun family photos, this is the session for you.

If you (or your significant other) dread family photos, this is the session for you.


A Lifestyle Storytelling Session

Ease into the idea of a storytelling session


A specific location we come up with together

1 hour session:

15-20 minutes of loosely posed photos & the remaining 40-45 minutes of relaxed unposed fun

Choose between picking 15 photos or getting all of your 40+ hand-edited, high res photos in a downloadable online gallery



Storytelling Session

A story of a morning, afternoon, or evening


Documentary/photo-journalistic session

Either in your home or wherever we decide

2 hours

Completely natural and unposed

50+ hand-edited, high res photos in a downloadable online gallery





Storytelling Session

A story of a day


Documentary/photo-journalistic session

Starting in your home and venturing wherever we want to go

5 hours

Completely natural and unposed

100+ hand-edited, high res photos in a downloadable online gallery

10x10 layflat book of your story


if you are interested in having your wedding story told, please contact me for more information

what to expect

how do i prepare for this kind of session?

Before our session, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out about your family. This will help you remember and think of all those little details that you love about your people. I'll read it and come into your home already having an idea about how you work as a family, so no stress there at all.

what if we're too boring for this kind of shoot?

I promise you that you are not too boring! There is nothing boring about the way your family loves each other. Some families are sweet and some are spicy, but each loves each other in their own fabulous way - and that is never boring! I will chat with you and make sure you are comfortable just being who you are during our shoot.

when is the best time of day for these sessions?

For a storytelling session the best time is totally up to your family! What is your favorite time of day as a family? Maybe it's wake up and breakfast, maybe it's mid-morning snacks and errand running, maybe it's dinner and bedtime. Whatever it is for you, we will make it happen. The only exception to this is the lifestyle storytelling sessions which take place about an hour before sunset.

what will the session itself be like?

The session will be tons of fun! It will be relaxed, easy, and full of laughs. I will likely say "Real life!" at least once during our session because that's what we're there to tell the story of: your REAL life. Tears, tantrums, giggle fits, wrestling matches, grumpy faces, messes, hugs & kisses... it's all part of your story and I am here for it.

what if i really want just one posed photo, but i mostly want the storytelling session?

I love to include one "front porch photo" in all of my storytelling sessions. This isn't going to be a "perfect" photo of your family, but it will perfectly show your family. It's the only directed photo I'll take at the session and yes, it's almost always on the front porch. I know how much we all love one of everyone's faces together, so that's what this is about.

what happens after our shoot?

Well, first, we'll definitely be friends by the time I leave. About 2-3 weeks from our session date, I will send you an email with all the info to your downloadable online gallery. You'll be able to view your entire story and download all the photos. I am happy to help you decide how to get those photos on display in your home if you would like my help. Mostly, you'll get to see and be reminded of how much you love each other!



I tell stories through photos. I dance in the car, I laugh big, and I love fiercely.


Northern Colorado storytelling photographer.